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There's a lot of great information on the internet on how to build a recirculating infusion mash system.  Here are a few of the references which were used in building my system -- several of the people mentioned helped directly through email.  Hopefully all of the people who helped have been cited, but clearly some may have been missed.  If a good reference was missed, it was unintentional.

bulletA Simple Recirculating Wort Processor - Kirk R Fleming
bulletc.d. pritchard's page - c.d. pritchard
bulletDion Hollenbeck's RIMS Info Page ( 8-Nov-1998) - Dion Hollenbeck
bulletThe Kabbage Patch - Brewery - Scott Kaczorowski
bulletMy RIMS - Keith Royster
bulletnyenter - Jens Maudal
bulletBig Fun Brewing RIMS Homepage - Wayne Majerowski
bulletRay's RIM System - Ray Steinhart
bullet RIMS Brewing My RIMS - John Fraser
bulletRIM's Pictures - Evan Kraus
bulletSpiffnatious RIMSical Oddessy - Wayne Holder AKA Zymie
bulletAnd of course, the Home Brew Digest

DISCLAIMER: While I hope you find this site interesting and useful for reference purposes, I am neither a plumber nor an electrician, and therefore cannot take any liability for any injury which may occur through implementation of any apparatus which is based on the information contained herein.  Please feel free to use this information at your own risk.

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