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In Real Life...

Harriet and Me

This is my wife, Harriet, and me on our honeymoon in Jamaica at Dunns River Falls. Harriet was cold.

I used to play league indoor soccer at the Corner Kick, but they closed January, 2002.  Fourteen years I played there.  I was sorry to see them go.  Now I'm playing at a place called Rockville Sportsplex, which has much nicer fields, but they don't serve beer :-(.

I'm not that good, but my heart's in the right place (if not always my feet). I'm a defender, but I'll score a goal or make an assist now and again. One time I won a game by scoring two goals. OK, the team we were playing wasn't that good. 

I brew my own beer, about every five or six weeks.  There's some information about this on my brewing page.  This is the area of the site that I keep most up to date.

And I love to golf and ski. Check out my skiing page, which is woefully out of date.

Harriet and her kids do most of the work, but I'll take some of the credit for the foster care we do for the Humane Society, keeping kittens until they are old enough to adopt. Check out my foster care page.  We also have a cat and two dogs.  Don't ask me why ;-).

If you want to reach me at home, you can send mail to me at lking@pobox.com.

For a living...

Hughes Network Systems has been my place of employment since November, 1982. I guess that's kind of a long time, but I like the work. Go figure.

HNS manufactures all sorts of communications equipment, including:

bulletDIRECWAYTM - high speed internet access for the home, small business or enterprise.  I have one on my house and it works great -- always on, like DSL, but available everywhere!
bulletSpacewayTM - high-speed bandwidth-on-demand satellite communications.  This is a really cool system with the packet router in the sky.  This lets the earth stations interact directly without going through a hub and spoke topology.
bulletDirecTVTM - you know the technology; it's those small satellite direct to home TV systems.

At Hughes, I am a Senior Director responsible for network and service management for the DIRECWAYTM group

If you need to reach me at work, you can send mail to me at lking@hns.com.


I've started to do a Genealogy of my family, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Other stuff...

My siblings' web links are out of date, but I'm too lazy to fix them.

My brother's home page has some information on fencing, among other things.

My sister's company, MemberWare™ Technologies Inc, specializes in helping membership organizations take full advantage of their information resources using World Wide Web and Electronic Document Management technologies.

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